New for 2023!! Digi-Vina Travel! Works outdoors!! (But NOT indoors!) Make your own vinyl records even on the beach. But watch out for sand in your grooves. Powered by a simple 12V Heavy Duty Truck Battery!
New for 2023!! Digi-Vina Travel! Works outdoors!! (But NOT indoors!)Make your own vinyl records even on the beach.But watch out for sand in your grooves.Powered by a simple 12V Heavy Duty Truck Battery! 

DIGI-VINA PORTABLE! (Small enough to be carried in a pretty good-sized suitcase!


2023 Kix-Starter Update! We've raised 85% of our goal!!! We did that by reducing the amount we're trying to raise from $5 Milllion to $5! 


Actual delivered product may look different.  (Or we may just ship you an empty box and claim your unit was lost in the mail.)

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