New for 2023!! Digi-Vina Travel! Works outdoors!! (But NOT indoors!) Make your own vinyl records even on the beach. But watch out for sand in your grooves. Powered by a simple 12V Heavy Duty Truck Battery!
New for 2023!! Digi-Vina Travel! Works outdoors!! (But NOT indoors!)Make your own vinyl records even on the beach.But watch out for sand in your grooves.Powered by a simple 12V Heavy Duty Truck Battery! 

Welcome to our website.

Everything is going digital.

...........or is it!


Not really!

..........because Vinyl is making a comeback!


Here's what the NY Times said recently:

........Vinyl is making a comeback.


And the Wall Street Journal

........I saw someone buy a Vinyl record.


And USA Today

......Vinyl's nice.


Even Oprah!

......I think I have a Vinyl record someplace!


But here's the problem! 99.9% of all new music is released only in digital format! (That number is +/- 88.9%)  What if you want a Jonas Brothers album on vinyl? You can't get it! (Well, we think you can't get it, we're way too busy to check.) It doesn't matter, because now you can turn any or all of your digital music into vinyl records!


I know, you're saying: "Wow, but where do I buy blank vinyl records?" You don't! You make your own vinyl records with the Digi-Vina 2.0! And you make them out of old plastic bottles! Instead of ending up in a landfill, they end up on your turntable! We'll explain the entire process once we figure it out ourselves. Right now our test team is still scraping the labels off the old plastic bottles!


In the photo above is the original Digi-Vina. See our newest Digi-Vina 2.0 by clicking the link above. Both are available in limited supplies. Very limited! The ones in the pictures are the only one we made. But coming Friday, April 7th, 2017 at 8 AM, we'll release the specs and prices of the spanking new Digi-Vina 2.0!  Actually make that at noon, April 7th. No one likes to get up early!


For a sneak preview click on the Digi-Vinyl 2.0 tab above! And prepare to be Vinyl-ized!


Looking Ahead With Abandon!
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